About Hilary Whytock

Family history is my passion. I have been involved in family tree research for over 15 years.; like many others, I began tracing my own family tree out of curiosity and got hooked. I just loved finding out about my ancestors, who they were, where they lived, their occupations and much more. I became fascinated by the detail of their lives. I visited the areas where they had lived to get a feel for the backdrop to their everyday lives. Unfortunately, many of houses they lived in had been bombed during WWII, as had the schools they attended, but I did get some photos of building they would have known and used, including the church they attended.

Once I had completed my own family tree, I needed another project. So I researched my husband's family tree, and then those of friends... Finally I decided to set up my own genealogy services business to help others explore the richness of their past. Many of us are familiar with the family stories our parents tell, and perhaps our grandparents too. But beyond that it seems that for most of us our family history simply fades away, and the lives of our forebears become lost in time.

The worldwide web has made it far easier to obtain information that even 20 years ago would have been incredibly difficult to identify and obtain. It is has also made it far easier to pass information down to the next generation. Family History no longer needs to be lost. For me this is such an exciting social development.

One aspect of historical research that particularly fascinates me is the way places change over time. I'm mad about maps, and love getting hold of old maps and comparing them to up-to-date ones to see how the area has changed.

I offer a professional service with a personal touch. I am reliable and thorough in my research, honest and discreet in my dealings with customers and treat all information in strict confidence. Above all, I am absolutely passionate about family history and delight in helping others bring their family history to life.