Frequently Asked Questions

What is your free consultation?

We will need to have a chat over the phone or an exchange of emails so that you can give me any relevant information you already have (names, dates, locations, etc.) and I can be very clear about what precisely you want.

Once we have established a clear brief, I will do up to 30 minutes of preliminary research completely free of charge. This will enable me to make an initial assessment of the project and its likelihood of success. I will then contact you with my assessment and ask you to confirm whether or not you wish me to proceed.

What kinds of research do you undertake?

I offer a variety of genealogy and family history research services based in London, Surrey and Hampshire; I will consider other areas of the UK depending on requirements. Basic research involves researching civil registration records back to 1837. More in-depth research involves visiting local record offices and accessing parish records.

I can research one or two Surnames, paternal and/or maternal lines, concentrating on father, grandfather, great grandfather and so on back 5-6 generations, to include sibling names. I can also do a wider investigation of other surnames within the tree, with information on siblings.

If you're not sure what is possible, please email me your question.

Which areas do you cover?

I am based in England, UK. For local research I cover the counties of Hampshire and Surrey, as well as London, the capital city. London also contains record offices holding national genealogical data. I will consider family history research in other parts of the UK depending on your requirements.

Local research is often not required to produce simple family trees dating back to 1837. It is required for information on births, marriages and deaths prior to 1837, and may well be required to produce more detailed information on individual ancestors.

Are results guaranteed?

Before I start work we will have agreed the nature and scope of the research and I will have given you honest advice concerning the possible results and any likely difficulties. Please bear in mind that despite all best efforts, sometimes ancestors may not be traceable.

If you are not happy with the outcome please let me know so we can discuss the matter and reach a satisfactory resolution. As a member of AGRA, the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives, I abide by their professional Code of Practice, which includes a complaints procedure to safeguard clients.

What are your fees?

My standard fee is GBP £20 per hour, including travel within my area of coverage. Wider travel and any additional expenses incurred will be negotiable by prior agreement. Before commencing work I will require an initial deposit; the amount will depend on the agreed scope of the research.

GRO certificates (birth, marriage and death) are GBP £9.25 each. These are vital as they are the only way of confirming the right family. There may be also be search fees. There will also be a fee if you wish a family tree to be printed on quality paper rather than standard paper.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay me by cheque, bank transfer or via Paypal. Overseas clients please note that all payments must be made in GBP Sterling.

Paypal instructions: Login to your Paypal account and select the Send Money option. Enter in the 'To' field, and enter the payment amount.

How we get started?

Please refer to the Getting Started page for information of what needs to happen first.