The Fascination of Family History

Most people are fascinated by their family history. Sometimes family tales - often just tidbits - get passed down the generations; for others their family history may be a big question-mark. Where did my family come from? Who were they? Was there anyone quirky, famous - or even notorious? What are my roots?

Although there is a lot of information available online, researching your family history takes time, patience and determination. There can be a lot of detective-work in genealogy! Many people would love to know more about their family history, but simply lack the time to devote to the research.

Intrigued but too busy?

If you want to discover your family tree but simply haven't got enough free time to spare, let me do the work for you. The standard Family Tree Package traces your surname back to 1837 and provides a comprehensive report. More details ▶

Parish records

If you live out of the area it can be both time-consuming and expensive to visit local record offices personally. If you need local research in London, Surrey and Hampshire, why not let me do the leg-work for you? Even for many hours work, my reasonable rates will often prove cheaper than distance train fares. More details ▶.

Archival research

If your own lines of family history research have hit a brick wall, I can research other archival material to open up new lines of enquiry. This approach can also provide enhanced detail about individuals of particular interest. More details ▶

Local background

I can also visit locations to see if certain houses or buildings still exist, take photos of them and anything else of note, and perform any other kind of local research. More details ▶

Overseas with UK roots?

Millions of people overseas have roots in the UK. Maybe your great-grandparents sought new hope for a better life in a rising young country. Perhaps an ancestor was transported to a penal settlement? Many British people emigrated to the USA, or to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries.

Would you like to know where your family tree has its roots? Where your ancestors came from and who they were? Perhaps discover if there's a branch of your family still living here? More details ▶

Free initial consultation

Whatever you're looking for in terms of family history research, take advantage of my free initial consultation and contact me to find out what I can do for you.